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Pelo Baum – A Secret for Healthy Hair

October 23, 2017
Pelo Baum – A Secret for Healthy Hair

My hair had been completely fried last year. Back in February, when I got my hair bleached, my hair completely fall out due to applying harmful chemical on my hair. However, Pelo Baum Hair Products played a significant role in bringing back my healthy hair.

I had light brown natural hair color for all years of my life until 21. But then I decided to get my hair dyed into blonde. For that purpose I used bleach to get off my natural tone from my hair. For like a month, my hair was going fine. I neither had any hair fall nor was any kind of hair loss observed. Finally Pelo Baum became my hair savior, and here’s my story.

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After a month, I was not completely satisfied with the new blonde color that I had so I decided to change it again. Therefore, I went to my stylist once again and asked her to change the color back to what I initially had. She told me that my hair is going to suffer a lot because getting your hair dye without maximum interval of recovery makes your hair undergo damage. May be that was a signal for me but I did not listen to her and dyed my hair to light caramel brown.

Within a week after getting my hair done, my hair started showing signs of damage. Either in shower, or while brushing my hair, my hair used to be at each and every corner of the house. Every day, after waking up in the morning I used to observe huge chunks of hair on my pillow. I went through this issue for more than 6 months. Then I went to my stylist and she recommended me to use hair care products. She specifically suggested me Pelo Baum Hair Products because they give instant results by increasing elasticity and strength in your hair.

I used the products for one and a half months only and the results were quite clear and obvious.  My hair fall problem was fixed within just applying it for a month. This range of hair care products (shampoo, conditioner and after bath serum) really works as a magic for making hair healthy and nourished.

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